November 13, 2014 - November 13, 2014
Phoenix, AZ
To be determined.
Hedda Litwin Hedda Litwin NAAG Cyberspace Law Counsel (202) 326-6022
To be determined.

Course Detail

E-Discovery for OAG-AZ

Topic Description

This course is designed to give civil and criminal law attorneys an understanding of best practices when they 1) propound discovery requests for electronic documents, and 2) when they receive a request for discovery of electronic documents. This course will also discuss preservation obligations, spoliation sanctions and the federal rules. It will also cover ethical considerations surrounding metadata.

Training Type

This is a mobile training. NAGTRI provides a number of different training platforms for the benefit of Attorney General offices. In addition to providing national trainings and webinars, NAGTRI also provides mobile trainings such as this one. During a mobile training, NAGTRI brings in a national faculty to provide staff training. Topics of this trainings are determined by the Attorney General Office hosting the training.

Course Prerequisites

This course is an in house training for OAG-AZ.

Fee Requirements

Mobile programs come at the request of a specific Office of the Attorney General for an in house training.


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