Ellen F. Rosenblum, Current Oregon Attorney General, Appointed June 2012, Elected: November 2012

Ellen F. Rosenblum (D)

Oregon Attorney General

Appointed June 2012, Elected: November 2012

Justice Bldg., 1162 Court St., NE, Salem, OR 97301

Ellen has spent her entire legal and judicial career in Oregon. She practiced law for 14 years, served as a federal prosecutor, and has 22 years of experience as both an appellate and trial judge.

Ellen began practicing law in 1975 at a small law firm in Eugene after graduating from the University of Oregon. Five years later she became a U.S. Assistant Attorney for the District of Oregon. As a federal prosecutor she specialized in financial crimes. In 1989, she was appointed to the Multnomah County District Court. Former Governor Barbara Roberts later appointed Ellen to the Circuit Court.

Most recently, Ellen served as a judge on the Oregon Court of Appeals from 2005-2011. During her time as a judge she presided over thousands of cases involving Oregon citizens—from small claims to more serious crimes.

Throughout her career, Ellen has been a strong advocate for the legal profession and for diversity and access to justice—locally and nationally. Her areas of expertise include business and consumer litigation, domestic relations, class actions, misdemeanor and felony crimes, state and federal constitutional law, products liability, and juvenile disputes among others.

Ellen and her husband Richard Meeker have two children, Cate and Will.

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