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Midwestern Region Meeting

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    The Kimpton Journeyman Hotel
    310 E. Chicago Street
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  • Midwestern Region Meeting
    October 6-7, 2016

    Opiate addiction is a growing threat to public health and safety throughout the United States and accounts for an increasing number of deaths, particularly young people. In order to comprehensively combat the opiate epidemic facing each Midwestern state, a regional approach is needed. Partnering with neighboring states of similar demographics, each state will benefit from an exchange of ideas and building working relationships with neighboring law enforcement and Attorneys General. Attorneys General from throughout the Great Lakes region are invited to bring members of their executive staff, focusing on areas such as policy, legislative relations, legal affairs, law enforcement services, and criminal justice for a free exchange of ideas and an opportunity to hear what is working well in neighboring states to combat the heroin and opiate epidemic. Realizing many Attorneys General come from a background other than criminal justice and/or law enforcement, the NAAG Midwestern Region Meeting is an educational resource on the matter of heroin and prescription opiates.

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    Josh Stein, North Carolina Attorney General

    Josh Stein was elected as North Carolina's attorney general in November 2016.