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Gary O'Connor

Gary is a NAAG Supreme Court fellow serving from mid-September to mid-December 2018. As a NAAG fellow, Gary assists in preparing the Supreme Court Report to be distributed to all state Attorneys General offices, participates in moot courts for state solicitors general, attends all Supreme Court arguments, and reads Supreme Court briefs.

Gary is an Assistant Attorney General in the Criminal Appeals Division of the Maryland Attorney General’s Office. He represents the State of Maryland in criminal appeals before the state intermediate appellate court (the Court of Special Appeals) and state supreme court (the Court of Appeals).  Prior to joining the Attorney General’s Office, he worked for a federal agency, representing the agency in appeals before an Article I appellate court.

He received his bachelor’s degree from Macalester College in St. Paul, Minnesota and his J.D. from University of Minnesota Law School.  Gary clerked for state trial and appellate judges in Minnesota.  

Gary helped start the nation’s first Inn of Court specializing in appellate practice – The Edward Coke Appellate Inn of Court in Washington, DC – and served as its first secretary and treasurer.  In his free time, Gary is a huge opera, classical and baroque music fan – commissioning and producing a short “baroque” opera (“The Art of Fugue: The Opera”), appearing onstage at the Kennedy Center a number of times as an “extra” with the Washington National Opera, and playing the piano and viola da gamba. 

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