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2016 Elections Results for State Attorneys General

Below are the election results for state attorney general as of the morning of Nov. 9 and web links to official state results for more information. Unless otherwise noted, these are four-year AG terms that will start in January 2017.

In addition to the elections, some attorneys general are appointed by the governor (American Samoa, New Hampshire and Puerto Rico had elections for governor) or chosen by the state legislature (Maine). As a result, there were 12 states and two territories in play this year, including five open seats.

Also, the California attorney general won a U.S. Senate seat. The governor has appointed U.S. Rep. Xavier Becerra to finish the two years remaining on her AG term. He is awaiting confirmation by the state House and Senate. 

An asterisk* in the chart below denotes an open seat.

*Indicates open seat




American Samoa

AG appointed by the governor.


Awaiting results of the incumbent governor's election. He appointed current AG Talauega Eleasalo Ale in Jan. 2014.




Incumbent AG Kamala Harris (D) won a U.S. Senate seat. She has two more years left on her AG term. By California state statute, the chief deputy fills the job until the governor appoints an AG and he or she is confirmed by state Senate and House.


Curtis Hill


Curtis Hill (R) won with 62.4% over Lorenzo Arredondo (D) at 37.6%.

The state legislature usually votes by early December.

Incumbent Janet Mills up for reelection by state legislature. Hers is a two-year term.


The newly-elected state legislature will vote by secret ballot for AG, most likely in early December.


Josh Hawley


Josh Hawley (R) won with 58.7% over Teresa Hensley (D) with 41.3%.


Incumbent Tim Fox


Incumbent Tim Fox (R) won a second term with 67% over Larry Jent (D) with 32%.

New Hampshire

AG appointed by the governor.


Newly-elected Gov. Chris Sununu (R) will appoint an AG. Incumbent Gov. Maggie Hassan (D), who appointed current AG Joseph Foster, ran for U.S. Senate instead.

North Carolina*

Josh Stein


Josh Stein (D) won with 50.24% over Buck Newton (R) with 49.76%.


Incumbent Ellen F. Rosenblum


Incumbent Ellen F. Rosenblum (D) won a second term with 54.9% over Daniel Zene Crowe (R) with 42.1%.


Josh Shapiro


Josh Shapiro (D) won with 51.4% over Josh Rafferty (R) 48.6%.

Puerto Rico

AG appointed by governor


The newly-elected governor will appoint an AG. Incumbent Gov. Alejandro Padilla, who appointed current AG Cesar Miranda Rodriguez, did not seek reelection in 2016. 


Incumbent Sean Reyes


Incumbent Sean Reyes (R) won a four-year term with 65.5% over Jon Harper (D) with 25.5%. Two candidates from other parties collected 8%.


T.J. Donovan


T.J. Donovan (D) won with 63.1% over Deborah Bucknam (R) with 27.9%. A Liberty Union candidate had 3.7%.


Incumbent Bob Ferguson


Incumbent Bob Ferguson (D) won a second term with 69.3% over Joshua Trumbull (L) with 30.7%.

West Virginia

Incumbent Patrick Morrisey


Incumbent Patrick Morrisey (R) won a second term with 51.7% over Doug Reynolds (D) with 41.9%.

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