NAGTRI Training Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy

It is important that scholarship recipients and their sponsoring offices understand that both scholarships and enrollment are limited.

Therefore, if an applicant is awarded a scholarship and a space is thus reserved in a particular program, another potential registrant may be denied space in that program.

If a scholarship recipient fails to show up for a program, she or he has taken the space that someone else may have enjoyed.

As a result, NAGTRI adheres to a strict cancellation policy.

Once an approved registrant has made travel arrangements, s/he and the sponsoring office will be responsible for reimbursing NAGTRI for all non-refundable and unreimbursable expenses if the registrant cancels or does not attend the training.

This may include the cost of the course and travel, unless cancellation is necessary because of a genuine emergency affecting the registrant, as verified by the sponsoring office.

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