Cheryl Schuetze

Cheryl Ann Schuetze is the Deputy Section Leader of the Missouri Attorney General’s Office Consumer Protection Section, where she oversees a team of attorneys and investigators in actions to civilly and criminally enforce Missouri’s Merchandising Practices Act, as well as prosecuting securities fraud and other white collar crimes. During her career, Cheryl has tried cases in a variety of fields including employment discrimination, civil rights, personal injury, fraud, murder, and white collar crimes as both plaintiff/prosecutor and defense. She received the William H. Pomerantz Trial Prize for excellence in trial advocacy in 2002; the Attorney General’s Award for Excellence in Litigation in 2012; and the Attorney General’s Award for Excellence in Administration & Management in 2015.

Cheryl is the Director of the Missouri Attorney General’s Trial Advocacy Training Program and has served as faculty for both Missouri and NAGTRI Trial Advocacy programs. She has also taught continuing legal education classes for attorneys and non-attorney staff on a variety of topics in the areas of Trial Practice, Evidence, Criminal Law, and Civil Procedure.

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