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The Spring and Fall Consumer Protection Seminars address pressing and relevant issues specific to the role of attorneys general in protecting consumers. These seminars bring together attorney general staff from across the nation.

The NAAG/NASCO Conference is co-sponsored by the National Association of Attorneys General (NAAG) and the National Association of State Charities Officials (NASCO). The conference addresses pressing and relevant issues specific to the role of the attorneys general in the oversight of charitable assets and entities. This conference brings together attorney general staff and other charities officials from across the nation.

The national Anatomy of a Complex Consumer Protection Case, CCP’s 4-day flagship course, provides a comprehensive overview of the issues that occur in complex consumer protection multistate investigations and cases. Topics include: Investigations - Pre-Litigation Discovery; Civil Investigative Demands; Making and Responding to Pre-Trial Motions; Victims and Witnesses; the Practical Use of Experts; Multistate Etiquette; and more.

Regional and national trainings for all levels of attorney general staff in the areas of consumer protection and charities.

As requested by individual attorneys general offices, mobile trainings to address general training needs as well as current issues and/or recurring issues arising in consumer protection and charities investigations and cases.

Current and Future Courses

Consumer Protection

  • Consumer Protection 101
  • New Consumer Chief Training
  • Anatomy of a Complex Consumer Protection Case
  • Negotiations in Multistate Consumer Cases
  • Consumer Protection E-Discovery
  • The Intersection of Consumer Protection and Bankruptcy
  • Consumer Investigations Training
  • Consumer Protection Litigation


  • Charities 101
  • Charities Investigations - The Use of Forms 990, Financial Statements, and Management Letters
  • Advanced Charity Regulation and Enforcement
  • Data Sources and Mining
  • Litigation Advocacy Training

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