Conflict Resolution for the Government Attorney

Attorneys general staff assigned as state agency counsel face unique challenges. The webinar will offer perspectives regarding conflict resolution and mediation of disputes among and between state agency clients and attorneys general staff. Emphasis will be placed on communication skills and competencies that can be utilized for success.

For those that attended the live webinar, answered a poll question, and completed the survey, a Uniform Certificate of Attendance will be provided after the webinar. However, NAGTRI will only be applying for CLE credits for assistant attorneys general. Information was provided during the webinar regarding credit and attendance certification. Please note that a survey was sent after the webinar to collect CLE information. It is very important that this be completed in order to request credit.

This webinar took place on April 25, 2017 at 2pm EDT. Since the webinar has already occurred, please note that CLE credits will not be available at this time.

A PDF of the PowerPoint can be found here.

Please see the recording of the webinar below.

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