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Volume 2, Number 5

NAAG President Lawrence Wasden Urges Attorneys General to Weigh Science and Industry during National Energy Summit
Angelita Plemmer, Director of Communications
As the debate over global climate change heats up and gas prices reach record highs, National Association of Attorneys General (NAAG) President and Idaho Attorney General Lawrence Wasden urged state Attorneys General earlier this month to accurately balance the facts with the law in their roles as the chief legal advisors in their states and jurisdictions. Through his 2008 NAAG Presidential Initiative on Energy, held May 5-7 in Coeur d?Alene, Idaho, President Wasden hosted 12 state Attorneys General and more than 100 of the nation?s top energy industry representatives, federal regulators, environmentalists and other advocacy groups to discuss growing consumer concerns, demands on state resources and uncertainty with regard to climate predictability.
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Adoption of Fire-Safe Cigarettes by Tobacco Industry May Save Countless Lives
Nathan Doty, Staff Attorney, Tobacco Project
Cigarettes and other lit tobacco products are the number one cause of fire deaths in the U.S., killing nearly 1,000 people and injuring approximately 1,500 Americans each year. However, many of these deaths are preventable. Reduced ignition propensity cigarettes, more commonly known as fire-safe-cigarettes, are self-extinguishing cigarettes that are far less likely to start fires when handled carelessly by smokers. Fire-safe cigarettes extinguish themselves when left unattended, making it more difficult for the cigarette to start a fire when dropped on the floor, left in the trash or left on a piece of furniture.
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States Offer Data Breach Protection
Ellen Ryan, Project Manager and Counsel, Consumer Protection and Telemarketing Fraud
Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of how secure information can suddenly become vulnerable or accessible. A major security breach at a New England grocery chain, Hannaford Brothers, exposed 4.2 million customers? credit- and debit-card numbers to potential identity theft. Not necessarily consumer related, but just as alarming, the passport records of the three U.S. presidential candidates were compromised. Both topics beg the questions of how individuals are notified of data breaches and who bears the responsibility of the notification.
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Salvia Divinorum: Not Your Father?s Garden Plant
Judy McKee, Project Coordinator and Counsel, End of Life Health Care
Salvia divinorum is not your father?s garden plant, nor is it something you will find at your local nursery. It is a hallucinogenic plant in the sage family, found in certain areas around Oaxaca, Mexico. The Mazatec Indians use it in both curing and divination rituals by squeezing the juice out of the leaves into a glass, adding water, and then drinking the tea. They treat the plant with respect, taking care to avoid trampling on or damaging the Salvia as they gather the leaves, because of its association with the Virgin Mary. They call the plant ska Maria Pastora, the leaf or herb of Mary, the Shepherdess.
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