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Volume 3, Number 6

NAGTRI Completes Successful First Year and Schedules More Training
Judy McKee, NAGTRI Acting Director
In its inaugural year, under the guidance of Director Chris Toth, the National Attorneys General Training & Research Institute (NAGTRI) conducted 23 national trainings in locations that spanned the country ? from New York City to San Francisco and from Tampa to Seattle. Along with our core courses in all aspects of trial and appellate advocacy, cybercrime, and bankruptcy, NAGTRI inaugurated courses in mortgage fraud, collections, and habeas corpus defense.
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Employee Spotlight
Dan Schweitzer
As the NAAG Supreme Court counsel, Dan performs a myriad of duties to assist state appellate litigators who appear before the U.S. Supreme Court. He oversees the moot court program, edits 45-50 state briefs filed in the Supreme Court each year, and edits the Supreme Court Report, which summarizes opinions and cases granted review. He also organizes three annual conferences: the Supreme Court Advocacy Seminar, the Appellate Practice Conference, and State Solicitors General and Appellate Chiefs Conference.
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Special Inspector General Office for TARP Created
In the nine months since the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 (“EESA”) authorized creation of the Troubled Asset Relief Program (“TARP”), the Department of the Treasury (“Treasury”) has created 12 separate programs involving government and private funds of up to almost $3 trillion.
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State Attorneys General Participate in Law Enforcement Sweeps
This month, state Attorneys General participated in two national law enforcement consumer protection initiatives focused on the economic downturn and the mortgage foreclosure crisis. The sweeps highlighted state and federal cooperation on law enforcement actions and included consumer education components to help consumers avoid becoming victims of these types of frauds and schemes.
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Summer Interns Working for NAAG
This month NAAG introduces four new interns that are working alongside NAAG counsel. Interns not only serve an integral role across the various NAAG projects, but they also gain valuable work experience, refine their skills and learn about the work of Attorneys General in various legal and policy areas
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2009-2010 NAAG Committees
With new NAAG leadership comes new NAAG committee assignments. NAAG President and Nebraska Attorney General Jon Bruning has appointed standing and special committee chairs. Committees are charged with studying all substantive matters within their jurisdiction and recommending policy positions and other matters to the Attorneys General for action by the full Association. NAAG committees work under the leadership of co-chairs who determine the committee?s agenda items, as well as meeting dates and times.
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Brad Schimel, Wisconsin Attorney General

Brad Schimel is the Wisconsin attorney general.