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Employee Spotlight

As NAAG’s chief of staff and director of Administration and Association Services, Scott Messing is the “conductor” of all office operations, with a mission of achieving harmonious work flow. He oversees such areas as human resources, information technology, meeting planning, grants administration, and the NAAG management review program for Attorney General offices.

Scott joined NAAG in February 2006 and received the 2010 NAAG Executive Director’s award in June to recognize his outstanding accomplishments. “It was a particularly challenging year for NAAG staff with unprecedented budget and personnel cuts,” said NAAG Executive Director Jim McPherson. “Scott was instrumental in leading NAAG through these difficult times with his insightful problem-solving, positive spirit, and unparalleled professionalism.” What Scott enjoys most is the sense of camaraderie and the accessibility of the overall staff. “Here we have all levels of staff working together and despite titles or levels of management, people work very closely together and it makes it possible to enjoy those relationships,” Scott said.

Born in Toledo, Ohio and raised in Morgantown, W.Va., Scott graduated from Bucknell University with a BA in International Relations and German. He earned his JD from the Penn State Dickinson School of Law with a primary focus of international law and alternative dispute resolution.

Prior to NAAG, Scott worked for three different Pennsylvania governors in various management capacities, mostly recently as deputy commissioner of professional and occupational affairs.

Scott enjoys traveling, music, physical fitness, and watching television’s Top Chef and True Blood.

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