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Volume 7, Number 5

NAAG Summit Highlights Critical Role of Attorneys General in Protecting Privacy Online
By NAAG President and Maryland Attorney General Douglas Gansler
Mobile and cloud technologies are giving us great tools to share our information with each other � usually for free � but in our desire to communicate, we often don�t think about what happens to the information we provide. How is it protected? How is it used? Who else is it shared with? And how does this sharing affect our privacy?
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Employee Spotlight
Michael Hering was appointed NAAG tobacco chief counsel in April 2013, following the retirement of Peter Levin who held that job for 12 years. Michael previously worked six years as NAAG deputy chief counsel of Master Settlement Agreement (MSA) payments.
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New Attorney General Begins Work In New Hampshire
Joseph A. Foster started work this month as the newly-appointed attorney general for New Hampshire, following his May 15 swearing-in ceremony. Foster is a former state senator who served from 2002 to 2008 and was majority leader in 2007. He most recently led the bankruptcy practice for the McLane Law Firm.
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Attorneys General Take Action on Prescription Drug Abuse
The United States has been facing a public safety hazard of epic proportions � prescription drug abuse. Over the past decade, prescription drug abuse has skyrocketed � ravaging families and destroying lives. Across the nation, drug dealers in white coats have been carelessly doling out highly-addictive painkillers from street corners and strip malls. Florida and Kentucky were the epicenters of this abuse.
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NAAG Midwestern Region Meeting Held
Over 50 participants gathered in Oklahoma City, Okla., for the NAAG Midwestern Region Meeting on April 25 and 26. The meeting theme was �Attorneys General: Chief Law Enforcement Officers in a New Age of Public Safety.�
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NAAG's Institute for Legal Training and Research Expands
By Bill Malloy, NAGTRI Program Coordinator
It has been another productive and expansive year for the National Attorneys General Training and Research Institute (NAGTRI), a branch of NAAG. With over 90 national, mobile, and grant-funded programs, NAGTRI instructors and staff have spent this fiscal year, July 1 through June 30, boarding planes and trains traveling from coast to coast to host legal trainings for the offices of the state and territorial attorneys general.
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U.S. Supreme Court Empowers FDA to Graphically Depict Tobacco's Toll
By American Legacy Foundation
The U.S. Supreme Court announced on April 22 it will not hear the tobacco industry's challenge to the 2009 Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act's (Tobacco Control Act) provision to include graphic warning labels on cigarette packages.
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Josh Stein, North Carolina Attorney General

Josh Stein was elected as North Carolina's attorney general in November 2016.