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NAAG's Institute for Legal Training and Research Expands

William Malloy, Project Assistant, Legislation and Criminal Law

It has been another productive and expansive year for the National Attorneys General Training and Research Institute (NAGTRI), a branch of NAAG. With over 90 national, mobile, and grant-funded programs, NAGTRI instructors and staff have spent this fiscal year, July 1 through June 30, boarding planes and trains traveling from coast to coast to host legal trainings for the offices of the state and territorial attorneys general. NAGTRI has also worked to develop and foster relationships with the federal government, various law enforcement organizations, and private foundations. In addition, NAGTRI staff and instructors continue to design new legal programs to meet the demands of attorneys general offices and respond to current hot button issues in the United States and abroad.

Through the continued financial support provided by the NAAG Mission Foundation, NAGTRI has been able to expand its course offerings. Trainings are provided at no cost to attorneys general offices or individual attendees. Grant funding from the Bureau of Justice Assistance has also afforded NAGTRI the unique opportunity to run trainings, in conjunction with the National White Collar Crime Center (NW3C), designed to combat intellectual property theft. In addition to AG staff, prosecutors, law enforcement, and investigators take part in these valuable programs. Trainings provide attendees with an in-depth approach to recognize and prosecute IP crimes. Successful IP programs have been held all over the country at no cost to an individual state and will continue to take place in more locations over the next year. NAGTRI has also expanded its training capacity by focusing on another very important issue: human trafficking. Through a partnership with the Upper Midwest Community Policing Institute (UMCPI), NAGTRI is excited to continue offering trainings for law enforcement, prosecutors, and AG offices on methods and techniques to detect and stop the menace of human trafficking.

In addition to establishing partnerships with NW3C and UMCPI, this year NAGTRI received funding from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) to run two public health law fellowships. The first phase of the flagship fellowship is currently in process. Eight assistant attorneys general from various states are in the midst of drafting research papers on public health topics affecting the offices of the attorney general. NAGTRI is excited for the presentation of the fellows’ final research to a panel of experts in the public health field at Columbia University Law School in late June 2013.

NAGTRI continues to fulfill its mission and maximize its approach to training by developing programs specifically tailored to the role of the state attorneys general. In addition to historically popular programs like trial advocacy, deposition skills, management, and negotiations, NAGTRI refined its course offerings to encompass trainings designed for the varied responsibilities of deputy/assistant state attorneys general. Programs such as construction litigation, habeas corpus, representation of state agencies, and representation of educational institutions targeted attorneys with a unique and important function in their attorney general’s office. NAGTRI also hosted an advanced trial techniques and an investigator training, which brought together attorneys from AG offices and investigators in a learn-by-doing cooperative training.

NAGTRI’s mobile trainings, which are provided free of charge to states, continue to be a valuable low-cost method of training AG staff. This year, NAGTRI facilitated a group of experts from AG offices throughout the country and drafted a disaster preparedness handbook. The handbook provides important information to help state attorneys general respond to natural and other disasters.

NAGTRI’s international reach continues with its third International Fellows Program taking place June 1-9. Twenty-one attorneys from the United States and 15 other developed and developing countries will gather in Washington, D.C. to explore strategies for battling cybercrime.

The upcoming fiscal year beginning July 1 will bring an increased focus on training, additional program counsel as staff and more research. Through technology like an online database of recorded trainings and distance learning software, NAGTRI plans to add an additional dynamic to its training reach. NAGTRI will also maximize resources by running a series of programs to help AG offices develop and maintain their own training divisions. When the NAGTRI Advisory Board meets in early August it will once again suggest creative, interesting, and informative training topics that will populate next year’s NAGTRI training calendar.

For more information on intellectual property theft or human trafficking trainings contact Judy McKee at or to request a mobile training for your AG office, contact Bill Malloy at The latest NAGTRI legal trainings and research are listed here:

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