August 04, 2014 - August 07, 2014
Providence, RI
To be determined.
Bill Malloy Bill Malloy NAGTRI Chief Administrator (202) 326-6045
To be determined.

Course Detail

Trial Advocacy Training for OAG-RI

Topic Description

As one of the most highly requested NAGTRI courses by State AG offices, Trial Advocacy is taught as a mobile training primarily by Attorney General office-based, National Institute of Trial Advocacy-trained faculty members. As in all NITA or NITA-style trainings, the training will take trainees through witness preparation, direct and cross examination, handling of exhibits, impeachment of witnesses, opening and closing statements, and a mock trial. While the training will be based on a hypothetical criminal case, many of the issues involved in the training will be equally applicable to civil litigation.

Training Type

This is a mobile training. NAGTRI provides a number of different training platforms for the benefit of Attorney General offices. In addition to providing national trainings and webinars, NAGTRI also provides mobile trainings such as this one. During a mobile training, NAGTRI brings in a national faculty to provide staff training. Topics of this trainings are determined by the Attorney General Office hosting the training.

Course Prerequisites

This course is an in house training for OAG-RI.

Fee Requirements

Mobile programs come at the request of a specific Office of the Attorney General for an in house training.


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