Volume 2, Number 3

February 29, 2008

National Association of Attorneys General Appoints New Executive Director
The National Association of Attorneys General (NAAG) announced this month the appointment of Jim McPherson as executive director of the 100-year-old association of state Attorneys General. McPherson, 55, will join the staff on March 10, assuming the helm of a staff of 50 and an annual operating budget of approximately $6 million. Founded in 1907, NAAG is dedicated to helping the Attorneys General and their staffs fulfill the responsibilities of their offices and assist in the delivery of outstanding legal services to the people of their states and territories.
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Second Session of the 110th Congress: Tackling Tough Issues
Blair Tinkle, Legislative Director
Although the presidential election started early in 2007, a phenomenon that usually hinders bipartisan agreement and the passage of significant legislation, the first year of the 110th Congress produced several accomplishments, with both parties and both chambers of Congress working together, if somewhat tested by partisan rhetoric. And, there is a lot of work for Congress ahead.
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Don?t Be Deceived ? It?s Not a Simple Matter: The Use of Deception by Law Enforcement Attorneys and Rule 8.4(c)
Chris Toth, Acting Executive Director and Allison Frisbee, NAAG Legal Intern
The use of deception by law enforcement personnel has been a time-honored tactic in gaining the upper hand on criminals in the furtherance of justice. Undercover operations, for example, by their nature are completely rooted in deception. Without the use of undercover operations, some of law enforcement?s greatest successes in fighting such problems as organized crime, drugs, and corruption, would not have occurred. However, the use of deception by law enforcement attorneys is not as straight forward as it may seem at first blush. Certain legal developments in various states over the past decade have made it difficult to provide an easy answer as to whether the use of deception is permissible under the ethical regulations of various states.
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The Battle Over the Second Amendment: District of Columbia v. Heller
Dan Schweitzer, Supreme Court Counsel
It has been 216 years since the states ratified the Second Amendment, yet the United States Supreme Court has never definitively interpreted it. The long wait ― which has prompted countless debates and arguments ― will likely end in late June, when the Court is expected to announce its decision in District of Columbia v. Heller, No. 07-290.
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Employee Spotlight
Susan Moss, Meeting Planner
Susan Moss has mastered the art of negotiation. As NAAG?s only full-time meeting planner, Susan oversees hotel selection, meeting logistics and other details while reviewing contracts for more than 50 NAAG seminars and meetings a year. Every day, Susan delves into her 5-inch binder of hotel phone numbers, sales contacts, caterers and bus companies to skillfully haggle over the big-ticket and small items that can make an Association?s meeting budget run amuck.
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Why Attorneys Need To Understand E-Discovery
Hedda Litwin, Cybercrime Counsel
All you have to do is take a look at the sheer volume of information that is generated and stored electronically to understand why it is impossible for any attorney to avoid e-discovery issues. In addition to computers, there is a wealth of portable devices out there ? all containing data and all discoverable.
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National Association of Attorneys General Recognizes National Consumer Protection Week March 2-8
Attorneys General across the country are preparing for National Consumer Protection Week (NCPW), March 2-8, 2008, in an effort to highlight the importance of consumer protection and education efforts around the country.
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World Trade and the Attorneys General ? Preemption Possibilities on a Global Scale
Karen Cordry, Bankruptcy Counsel
Among the other ?hot topics? on the campaign trail in recent weeks, particularly in the battleground state of Ohio, has been trade agreements, such as the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), Central America Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA), and pending agreements with countries such as Columbia, Panama and Korea and their effect on the domestic economy. As controversial as those agreements have been, they have not had a large effect on the role of Attorneys General within the United States. That may change, depending on the outcome of negotiations currently underway with respect to the topic of ?domestic regulation? under the General Agreement on Trade in Services (?GATS?) for World Trade Organization (?WTO?) members.
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