Volume 5, Number 6-7

July 12, 2011

Washington Attorney General Receives Top NAAG Award and Becomes NAAG President
Wednesday, June 22 was a banner day for Washington Attorney General Rob McKenna. First, he received the Kelley-Wyman Award, the Association’s highest honor given annually to the Attorney General who has done the most to achieve NAAG objectives.
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Giving A Voice To The Voiceless: “Pillars Of Hope” Presidential Initiative To Tackle Human Trafficking
Chris Johnson, Policy Director , Washington Attorney General’s Office and Judy McKee, NAGTRI Program Manager
Washington Attorney General Rob McKenna launched his NAAG presidential initiative at a June 23 kick-off meeting at the Drake Hotel in Chicago, Ill., one day after his induction as NAAG president.
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The 2011 Supreme Court Term: The Hidden Gems
Dan Schweitzer, NAAG Supreme Court Counsel
This is the time of year when U.S. Supreme Court decisions are front page news. Who isn’t interested in the fate of campaign finance laws, violent video games, and global warming? Here is a look at a few of the hidden gems of the Court’s 2011 term.
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Attorneys from 10 Countries Attend First NAGTRI International Program
Twenty government attorneys from 10 countries participated in the National Attorneys General Training and Research Institute’s (NAGTRI) inaugural International Fellows program, June 4 - 12.
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Summer Interns Join NAAG
NAAG is pleased to welcome and host six summer interns of diverse backgrounds and interests.
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Washington Attorney General Receives Top NAAG Award and Becomes NAAG President


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