What are NAAG’s goals?

  • Identify, produce, and disseminate key information related to the independence, scope, and management of the office of the Attorney General;
  • Create and maintain a collegial network among the chief legal officers of the states and jurisdictions by providing a meeting ground for cooperation and learning;
  • Promote cooperation and coordination on interstate legal matters to foster an even more responsive and efficient legal system for state citizens;
  • Advise Attorneys General and their staffs of significant legal developments and emerging trends occurring in the states and federal government through information exchange, programs, and training;
  • Increase citizen understanding of the law and law enforcement's role to ensure both protection of individual rights and compliance with the law; and
  • Influence the development of national and state legal policy through such means as Supreme Court advocacy training and dialogue with other national, state, and local policy makers and pursue policy objectives as determined by the membership.

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