This course highlights the recommendations of the Legal Services Corporation’s (LSC) Disaster Task Force Report. LSC is the nation’s largest funder of civil legal aid. The task force’s recommendations focus on relationship building and coordinating with other key stakeholders to better serve low-income disaster survivors. In the immediate wake of a disaster or crisis, disaster-related civil legal issues follow a common pattern including landlord-tenant, income protection, domestic violence, and consumer and fraud issues. Legal service providers, in collaboration with their state attorney general offices, frequently combat unscrupulous individuals who take advantage of disaster survivors who are trying to rebuild their lives, either through outright fraud, exorbitant pricing, or untenable contract terms.

This course is a part of the NAGTRI Center for Consumer Protection Partner Series and was hosted in collaboration with Legal Aid.

Learning Objectives

  • Recognize the lifecycle of civil legal issues post-disaster.
  • List the common legal issues that arise during and post-disaster.
  • State how AGOs and Legal Aid can collaborate on disaster recovery and response issues.
  • Identify the community impact and resources available post-disaster.
  • List the legal needs after a disaster.