In Crowdfunding and COVID-19 we discuss how people are using crowdfunding platforms to raise money during the coronavirus pandemic. This course is a discussion with online fundraising platforms Facebook, GoFundMe, and PayPal to provide information about their platforms, measures they take to ensure the legitimacy of the fundraisers they host, and how they work with government regulators. This course also includes an overview of the scope of COVID-19-related fundraising, whether the platforms are seeing suspicious or fraudulent COVID-19-related fundraising and how they are responding, and what information they can provide government regulators.

Visit the NAGTRI Center for Consumer Protection and Consumer Resources.org for more resources.

Learning Objectives

  • List the four categories of crowdfunding.
  • Articulate the different measures taken to prevent, identify, and investigate fraud.
  • Discuss how the platforms work to ensure legitimacy and maintain the trust of the donors.
  • Identify key legal considerations for charitable giving at the individual and organizations levels.