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This webinar explains cybercrime, computers, networks, forensics, and cybersecurity in plain English. Attorneys and investigators who are hesitant to work on cybercrime or cybersecurity because of technological aspects, or who want a better grasp of these concepts, will gain a firm foundation on the basics. Participants will learn how common forms of cybercrime take advantage of both the technical vulnerabilities of devices and the human vulnerabilities of those who operate them. Also, traditional investigations are enhanced with knowledge of the digital realm.

This webinar is the next installment to build capacity and improve cybercrime investigations. Individuals and organizations in every state are at risk from constantly-evolving forms of cybercrime. Yet most cybercrimes go without criminal investigation or response.

Assistant attorneys general play an important part in the investigation of cybercrime from both a criminal and civil perspective, including through action, leadership, policy, and training. This webinar is brought to you by two former cybercrime prosecutors who recently authored the book, Cybercrime Investigations – A Comprehensive Resource for Everyone.

The presenters cover these key topics:

  • Cybercrime motives and methods.
  • Computers, networks, and forensics in a nutshell.
  • Cybersecurity demystified.
  • Continued discussion of ways we can improve cybercrime investigations.