NAGTRI training programs are primarily taught and supported through the time and commitment of volunteer staff from attorney general offices across the country. The diverse experiences of NAGTRI faculty bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to each program. 

Who are NAGTRI Faculty?

  • NAGTRI faculty are subject matter experts in topics pertinent to the legal world. 
  • Most NAGTRI faculty members are staff from attorney general offices who volunteer their time and talent to bring out the best in government lawyers. Get to know our faculty.
  • NAGTRI faculty are a part of a dedicated legal community investing in the education and development of their peers across the country. View past NAGTRI Faculty of the Year Award Winners. 

Why Serve as NAGTRI Faculty?

Just a few of the many benefits to serving as NAGTRI faculty include: 

Professional Development 

Serving as NAGTRI faculty offers valuable professional development to attorney general staff because teaching the material reinforces knowledge and practices. Faculty also learn new techniques from their colleagues. And the same skills NAGTRI faculty use to teach (engaging an audience, presenting information succinctly and memorably) translate to the office and the courtroom.  


There is a strong sense of community amongst our NAGTRI faculty. When serving together at NAGTRI training programs, attorneys and judges from different jurisdictions across America not only network and learn from each other, but also forge lasting friendships. NAGTRI is proud of these connections and fosters a sense of community among its faculty.  


Becoming a member of the NAGTRI faculty helps bring out the best in government attorneys. NAGTRI faculty perform a service to the legal community and help to raise the bar of advocacy among attorney general offices across America. Participants at NAGTRI training programs consistently express their praise and gratitude for the insights they learn from our faculty.  

About Serving as Faculty

  • There is no minimum time commitment. You can teach at one training or 10. 
  • You can teach online or in-person. NAGTRI pays for faculty’s travel, accommodations, and meals for in-person programs. 
  • There is no obligation to serve. We send periodic emails inviting faculty to upcoming programs, and faculty respond with their interest and availability; we simply ask for their time, passion, and expertise. 
  • NAGTRI welcomes attorneys from all practice areas. NAGTRI training programs focus on legal skills, such as trial advocacy, legal writing, motion practice, and depositions. Our programs also address substantive topics such as consumer protection, ethics, and human trafficking.  

Vernon L. Harris

Vernon L. Harris was born in Chicago, IL, and moved to Phoenix, AZ, at the age of 12. He graduated from Arizona State University with a Bachelor of Science in…

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Melissa Wright

Melissa Wright is an Assistant Attorney General and the Section Chief of the Consumer Protection Section of the Ohio Attorney General’s Office. In this role, Melissa provides legal advice and…

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Monica N. Anderson

Monica N. Anderson is the Senior Assistant Attorney General for the Correctional Law Section of the California Attorney General’s Office, which litigates civil rights actions challenging the constitutionality of prison…

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Marc Abrams

Marc Abrams is Assistant Attorney in Charge of the Civil Litigation Section of the Oregon Department of Justice (ODOJ), where he is lead attorney for employment litigation. He joined ODOJ…

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Jennifer Kim

Jennifer Kim is a Supervising Deputy Attorney General in the Civil Division, where she litigates healthcare, education, and welfare cases in both state and federal court. Jennifer has received two…

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Glenn King

Glenn King graduated from St. Lawrence University and Albany Law School (’98). For the past 22 years, Mr. King has handled claims against the State of New York and its…

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Candice M. Deisher

Candice M. Deisher is an Assistant Attorney General and Lead Attorney with the Virginia Attorney General’s Office in the Medicaid Fraud Control Unit’s Civil Litigation section. She investigates and prosecutes…

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Christine A. Hoffman

Christine A. Hoffman is the Acting Gloucester County Prosecutor and is an assistant attorney general detached from the Division of Criminal Justice. Assistant Attorney General Hoffman served as a Deputy…

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Anthony A. Picione

Assistant Attorney General Anthony A. Picione is deputy director of the Office of Public Integrity and Accountability in the New Jersey Attorney General’s Office Division of Criminal Justice. AAG Picione’s…

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Brian Kane

Selected in July 2022, Brian Kane assumed the role of executive director for the National Association of Attorneys General (NAAG) in September 2022. Kane joins NAAG from the Idaho Attorney…

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