Nation?s Attorneys General Discuss Critical Issues in Law Enforcement During Annual Summer Meeting

June 18, 2008

PROVIDENCE, R.I.  Forty of the state’s chief legal officers gathered in Providence, Rhode Island today to discuss some of the nation’s most critical law enforcement and policy issues, including technology and crimefighting, rising energy and fuel costs, the environment, protecting children, consumer protection and domestic security. Attorneys General from the United States, Mexico and Canada will also discuss North American cross-border issues.

NAAG will elect its new slate of officers for 2008-2009 and host its annual awards ceremony to recognize the work of those who contribute to the Offices of the Attorneys General, including its most prestigious honor, the Kelley-Wyman Award, bestowed upon an Attorney General who has done the most to achieve the Association’s objectives.

“This is an exciting and substantive meeting as we continue to tackle new and complex legal issues in this forum,” NAAG President and Idaho Attorney General Lawrence Wasden said. “We have attracted some of the country’s foremost experts in the legal, policy and business fields.”

“In addition, these gatherings allow Attorneys General to cooperate and coordinate among our offices, not only in litigation, but also in consumer education, natural resource issues and criminal matters,” President Wasden said. “In many instances, Attorneys General have served as incubators of democracy, as our ideas are enacted into state law and then mirrored at the federal level.”

This meeting also concludes President Wasden’s tenure as President of one of the nation’s oldest legal associations. As part of his 2008 Presidential Initiative on Energy, President Wasden hosted a summit of more than 100 of the nation’s top energy industry representatives, federal regulators, environmentalists and other advocacy groups to discuss rising gas prices and growing consumer concerns, demands on state resources and uncertainty with regard to climate predictability.

President Wasden will continue energy discussions this week and moderate a panel on current gasoline prices, appropriate controls on pricing and refining, oil imports and oil and gas exploration. Panelists include representatives from the U.S .Department of Energy, the American Petroleum Institute and the Public Citizen’s Energy Program. Robert Bryce, author of Gusher of Lies, will also discuss the myths of energy independence.

NAAG President-Elect and Rhode Island Attorney General Patrick C. Lynch is expected to take the helm of the organization Thursday night, marking the first time a Rhode Island Attorney General has been elected to serve in this capacity.

“I’m honored to further the mission of NAAG as its president, but even more honored to work with my colleagues on issues so important to propelling justice and advancing the quality of life in our country,” Attorney General Lynch said. “Serving as President-Elect for the past year and working closely with President Wasden and all of my colleagues, in a spirit of true bipartisanship, has been a rewarding experience. I look forward to a productive year ahead.”

Other meeting highlights include remarks by Cal Ripken, baseball’s all-time Iron Man and a member of the National Baseball Hall of Fame; a CEO Roundtable featuring the chief executive officers of GTECH, a gaming technology and services company; Hasbro, one of the nation’s oldest toy manufacturers; and Rite Solutions, a defense-related technology company. A special delegation of Taiwanese prosecutors will also be joining Attorneys General for discussions on constitutional law and federal legislation.

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