Salem, Oregon

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August 29, 2023

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Gennifer Brown

General Counsel Division, Business Activities Section


The Oregon Department of Justice is seeking applicants for an attorney position in the Business Activities Section of the General Counsel Division.


The Business Activities Section and Position


BAS attorneys enjoy a diverse and stimulating practice, working closely with over 50 regulatory boards, commissions, and agencies to support their missions of public protection.  Our clients include most health professional licensing and regulatory boards, numerous non-health professional licensing and regulatory boards, the Bureau of Labor and Industries, Oregon OSHA, the State Building Codes Division, the Division of Financial Regulation, and others.


BAS seeks an experienced lawyer, with a strong interest in public service, as well as excellent research, writing, litigation, and client service skills to join a collaborative, skilled, and experienced team of attorneys.  The successful applicant will serve Oregonians as the primary contact counsel for the Oregon Medical Board or other health professional licensing and regulatory boards of the section, as well as perform work for other agencies.  In this challenging and rewarding position, you will, for example, litigate administrative cases against physicians and physician assistants who have committed sexual misconduct with patients or committed repeated and gross negligence in the practice of numerous medical specialties and subspecialties.  You will advise diverse boards of gubernatorial appointees in meetings open to the public, where some of the state’s most respected medical professionals make legal and policy decisions that impact the health care of all Oregonians.  You will conduct research and provide advice on complex state and federal legal questions related to the practice of medicine, the practice of podiatry and acupuncture, governmental authority, administrative law, and more.  You will advise your clients in their critical daily business.


The General Counsel Division

Attorneys in the General Counsel Division of the Oregon Department of Justice (DOJ) provide legal advice and other legal services to Oregon’s state agencies, officials, boards, commissions.  Collectively our clients are responsible for the administration and operations of state government.  These responsibilities include:  protecting consumers, patients, students, and workers; regulating design and construction; building roads and bridges; protecting Oregon’s lands and waters; operating correctional facilities and caring for Oregon’s prison population; operating programs to provide critical services to vulnerable citizens; and performing other critical government functions.  General Counsel Division attorneys analyze and advise on critical questions of constitutional and statutory interpretation, participate in public meetings, and try complex administrative cases.


Office Location/Remote Work:  This position is Salem-based.  However, Section attorneys generally work remotely, subject to personal preference, DOJ policies, and client or operational needs.


Professional Development:  DOJ supports the professional development of its attorneys.  We provide frequent in-house, Oregon State Bar accredited, continuing legal education seminars conducted by DOJ colleagues on topics within their practices and expertise.  In addition, DOJ occasionally hosts seminars conducted by outside organizations, including the National Association of Attorneys General (of which Oregon Attorney General Rosenblum is President-Elect).  Finally, DOJ attorneys receive membership in a national organization offering accredited, high quality continuing legal education seminars across a variety of subject matter areas.


Questions regarding this position should be directed to Kyle J. Martin, Attorney-in-Charge, Business Activities Section, at (503) 947-4520.



In an ongoing effort to attract and retain diverse candidates, we are hopeful you’ll share our recruitment with members of your association, organization, or section members.  I am available by phone or email if you have questions.


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Assistant Attorney General (Business Activities)

Closes September 19, 2023 at 11:58 p.m.