Portland, Oregon

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September 8, 2022

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Gennifer Brown

The Trial Division is seeking an outstanding lawyer to join the Department of Justice’s Special Litigation Unit (SLU) in the Portland office. SLU handles some of the most interesting, complex and challenging litigation in the State. Section lawyers defend state statutes and policies against constitutional challenges in state and federal courts. They also handle complex class-action lawsuits, elections litigation, environmental litigation, and other high-profile or sensitive matters in which the State, its agencies, and its employees may be plaintiffs or defendants.

In recent years, SLU has handled litigation involving major environmental disputes with millions and even billions of dollars at stake. It has represented the Secretary of State in challenges to election laws and rules. It has prevented efforts to limit agencies’ ability to communicate to the public information about environmental concerns in the state, has defended free-speech challenges to tobacco marketing restrictions, and has represented the State in federal court over the proper management of Oregon’s salmon under the Endangered Species Act and Indian treaties. All disputes over surface and ground water rights, including those in the Klamath Basin, are handled by SLU.  SLU attorneys regularly litigate First Amendment and other constitutional issues that many attorneys outside of DOJ see only rarely. SLU work also includes many of the Attorney General’s other top-priority areas such as protecting the environment and Oregon’s consumers.  Its lawyers work closely with senior state officials, including department heads and elected officials, to defend challenges to the work of those agencies.

If selected, you will be responsible for handling a high-intensity caseload, including extensive motion practice, identifying and interviewing expert and lay witnesses, handling depositions, supervising voluminous discovery, trying cases before judges or juries, and working collaboratively with agency leadership and employees.



In an ongoing effort to attract and retain diverse candidates, we are hopeful you’ll share our recruitment with members of your association, organization, or section members.  I am available by phone or email if you have questions.


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Assistant Attorney General (Special Litigation Unit)

Closes September 29, 2022 at 11:58 p.m.