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June 24, 2024

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Human Resources

The Arizona Attorney General’s Office (“AGO”) is seeking dedicated Assistant Attorney Generals to perform complex legal work for the State of Arizona. The work involves providing legal advice, counsel and representing the State’s interest.

The Attorney General’s Office has jurisdiction over Arizona’s Consumer Fraud Act, white collar crime, organized crime, public corruption, environmental laws, civil rights laws, and crimes committed in more than one county. Additionally, this Office prosecutes cases normally handled by county attorneys when they have a conflict.



Job Duties

• Provides legal representation including advice and representation in complex cases in State and Federal court.
• Prepares legal documents, including but not limited to briefs, pleadings, and memoranda.
• Investigates; interviews clients; reviews documents and evidence; conducts legal research; conducts discovery; reviews and analyzes cases for trial; appears in court
• Responds to inquiries from law enforcement and the general public.
• Attends meeting and trainings as necessary.


• Knowledge and understanding of applicable statutes, case law and court rules;
• Knowledge of legal techniques and the basic concepts of American Jurisprudence and of the formats utilized in the preparation of legal documents;
• Knowledge of the practical factors that impact litigation decisions and goals, including plaintiff responses, opposing counsel strategies and judicial perspectives, and victim/witness considerations;
• Knowledge of financial considerations for the state;
• Knowledge, skills and abilities acquired through lengthy and varied experience in legal practice, especially in complex litigation;
• Knowledge of ethical standards applicable to lawyers and public employees.
• Skill in persuasive oral and written communication pertaining to case presentation through various stages of representation, including litigation through trial and appeal if required;
• Prepare legal documents memoranda and correspondence efficiently;
• Skills include legal and factual issue
• Trial skills and negotiating skills.
• Skilled in interpersonal relationships as applied to interaction with court personnel, agency personnel, victims, and government agencies.
• Ability to identify issues, analyze and articulate legal arguments, assess evidence and communicate it to the client;
• Ability to effectively plan, organize, direct and monitor complex investigations/cases.
• Ability to coordinate activities with a variety of law enforcement agencies, governmental and non-governmental agencies.
• Ability to apply analytical and problem-solving methods to systems and programs.
• Ability to encourage teamwork through collaboration and communication.
• Ability to manage significant volume of high exposure cases;
• Ability to effectively utilize skills of subordinate staff;
• Ability to display courteous and professional behavior;
• Ability to appropriately apply professional ethical rules in daily practice;
• Ability to exercise good judgment in making strategic decisions in cases and in providing legal advice to clients;

Application Process

Pre Employment Requirements:

• Travel is required for this position. A valid Arizona Driver’s License is required, along with consent to have your driving record run periodically.
• Admission to, and good standing with, the Arizona State Bar is required (include on resume the date(s) of admission in Arizona and any other states). Candidate must have an active Arizona State Bar license.
• All applicants under serious consideration for hire with the Attorney General’s Office are required to be fingerprinted by the Office and complete a criminal background check through State and Federal agencies. A job offer cannot be tendered until the candidate has successfully passed the initial background check. Your record does not automatically constitute a bar to employment. Factors such as, but not limited to, age at time of offense and age of offense, as well as the relationship between the offense and the job for which you apply will be considered.

Application Process:

•Attorney applicants are required to submit a writing sample with their resume/application profile. The writing sample should contain an analysis of some substantive legal issue and provide insight concerning your ability to think and to explain and advocate for a particular position.

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