Dover, Delaware

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May 24, 2024

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Tara P. Scarborough
Delaware’s Attorney General, the State’s chief law enforcement officer, has a broad responsibility to combat crime, uphold civil rights, safeguard families, fight fraud, and protect consumers in the First State. In meeting this mission, Attorney General Kathy Jennings is supported by teams of talented lawyers and staff in the Criminal, Civil, Family, Fraud and Consumer Protection, and Civil Rights and Public Trust Divisions. Each of the more than 500 staff who work in the Office of the Attorney General are dedicated to serving all Delawareans with integrity and passion. Deputy Attorneys General, with critical support from criminal special investigators, victim service specialists, paraprofessionals, and administrative staff, prosecute criminal cases, enforce consumer laws, provide counsel to state agencies, ensure the public’s access to open government, protect the abused, and much more.
The Criminal Division seeks a Deputy Attorney General to join the Felony Trial Unit in Kent County. The mission of the Criminal Division is to represent the State in all criminal prosecutions and, in so doing, safeguard the human rights of victims and their families and the constitutional rights of the accused.  Prosecutors in the Felony Trial Unit prepare, present, and prosecute cases ranging from thefts through murder before Delaware Superior Court. Additionally, prosecutors work in conjunction with law enforcement agencies by providing legal support and assistance with investigations.
This position is centrally located in historic Dover, Delaware, a short drive from Delaware’s scenic beaches and a comfortable commute from New Castle County.  The lawyer selected for this position will have the opportunity to work in a fast-paced, fulfilling, and dynamic team environment.  Successful applicants will receive on-the-job training and support from our experienced Kent County leadership team.  Those who work in the Felony Trial Unit have a strong dedication to justice and make an immediate impact in the lives of others, by both protecting and restoring crime victims and crafting the rehabilitation of offenders. Members of the Felony Trial Unit are in Court on a weekly basis and try cases regularly, gaining valuable courtroom skills. This Deputy Attorney General will have a keen understanding of admissible evidence, command of applicable statutes, and experience presenting high-profile and complex cases to a jury.  Those chosen for this position become some of Delaware’s best trial attorneys.
Prosecutors are in Court on a weekly basis and try cases regularly, gaining valuable courtroom skills. Successful applicants will receive support from our experienced Kent County leadership team. There are numerous in-house trainings as well as the opportunity to attend national, regional, and local conferences and seminars.  The Deputy Attorney General filling this position should be prepared to gain:
• A keen understanding of evidentiary rules, court rules and decorum, and applicable statutes
• Excellent negotiation and trial advocacy skills
• The correct way to evaluate a case to ensure justice for victims, society, and defendants
• Time management skills to allow competent representation as well as work-life balance
The skills honed with the Criminal Division allow Deputy Attorneys General to become some of the best trial attorneys in Delaware.
Deputy Attorneys General also gain valuable experience working with law enforcement partners.  They work hand-in-hand on investigations ranging from low level misdemeanors to homicides. Successful applicants will have the opportunity to see the inner workings of the criminal justice system firsthand, gaining valuable insight.


Duties include deciding which cases should be prosecuted, which should be resolved with pleas, and which should be resolved with trials.  Successful candidates will formulate specific plea offers on a case-by-case basis and try cases which are not otherwise resolved.  The chosen applicant will be expected to handle a wide variety of criminal cases, meet with members of the public, and conduct plea negotiations with defense counsel. Felony Trial Unit prosecutors also rotate on-call duties for homicide cases, for which overtime pay is provided.


Strengths include the ability to evaluate cases, determine resolutions, and anticipate legal issues.  Knowledge of up-to-date investigative methods and the ability to research accurately and effectively is critical. This Deputy Attorney General will communicate the legal issues in concise and thorough written and oral communications. The selected candidate must have or be able to develop a good working relationship with other Deputy Attorneys General, investigators, support staff, court personnel, and other external agencies and must have the ability and determination to learn and apply the relevant laws and applicable Court rules.

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