Raleigh, North Carolina

Posted Date

June 14, 2024

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Alison Hundt

This position is located in the Medicaid Investigations Division (MID) of the North Carolina Department of Justice. Medicaid is the nation’s public health insurance program for people with low income. This taxpayer funded program provides critical health coverage for nearly one in five people in North Carolina and is especially crucial for children. Approximately 40% of children in North Carolina are covered by Medicaid. In 2023, approximately $16.9 billion was spent on Medicaid in North Carolina. While the overwhelming majority of medical providers are honest and provide high-quality services, there are those who steal from the program, and those who abuse patients.

The MID investigates and prosecutes health care fraud committed by Medicaid providers and the physical abuse of patients and embezzlement of patient funds in Medicaid-funded facilities. The MID works closely with district attorneys’ offices, US Attorneys’ offices, federal, state and local agencies across the State. The amount of loss (theft) in a Medicaid fraud case ranges from a few thousand dollars to tens of millions of dollars. Every case helps protect and recover valuable taxpayer funds that are needed for their intended purpose of providing medical services.

We are looking for experienced, team-oriented prosecutors who believe in our mission of protecting patients and Medicaid funds.

The primary purpose of the Senior Civil Enforcement Attorney position is handling the most complex civil actions pursuant to the North Carolina Medical Assistance Provider False Claims Act, 108A-70.10 through 70.16, the North Carolina False Claims Act, G.S. 1-605 through 1-618, and the federal civil False Claims Act, 31 U.S.C. § 3729 through 3733, against Medicaid providers alleged to have committed complex health care fraud schemes.


Pursuing Civil Actions

  • The Senior Civil Enforcement Attorney will be assigned to the most complex civil matters. When sufficient evidence is gathered to support the filing of a state or federal civil False Claims Act complaint, the Senior Civil Enforcement Attorney must ensure that adequate evidence to file a complaint exists.
  • Once a complaint is filed, the Senior Civil Enforcement Attorney must prepare discovery and analyze and respond to discovery requests. The Senior Civil Enforcement Attorney will already have begun trial preparation including organizing documents in a manner to insure their admissibility and to make them understandable to the court and jury.
  • The Senior Civil Enforcement Attorney may pursue the case in state court or in federal court as a SAUSA or may pursue the case jointly in federal court with an Assistant United States Attorney.
  • The Senior Civil Enforcement Attorney is responsible for negotiating civil settlements in complex multi-state civil actions and serving on state and federal civil negotiating teams, and suggesting and preparing the structure of the financial portions of criminal and civil settlements, and analyzing financial settlements proposed by opposing counsel.
  • The Senior Civil Enforcement Attorney is responsible for pursuing and assisting in the recovery of damages and penalties from Medicaid providers who have committed fraud by bringing and supporting state and federal forfeiture proceedings.
  • The Senior Civil Enforcement Attorney will handle, assist, and support criminal investigations and prosecutions if needed and requested by the Unit Director.


  • The Senior Civil Enforcement Attorney participates as co-leader of a team of investigative teams. Teams may bring parallel criminal and civil investigations and actions. As co-leader of the team, the Senior Civil Enforcement Attorney leads parallel civil actions and provides direction to the investigators on the civil aspects of the matter.
  • The Senior Civil Enforcement Attorney provides mentoring and guidance to the Attorney III Civil Attorney.
  • The Senior Civil Enforcement Attorney provides consultation and advice to the Unit Director; acts as a liaison between the Director and Civil Chief and civil enforcement attorneys with the United States Department of Justice and other states; and keeps the Director and Civil Chief apprised of important developments in civil cases.

This position requires travel which may include overnight stays.

This position requires some overtime. The North Carolina Department of Justice provides excellent representation and support to law enforcement, consumers, the State, and its people through teamwork, innovation, and a commitment to public service.


Licensed to practice law by the North Carolina State Bar and four years of progressively responsible professional legal experience. NOTE: GS 114-2 and 114-6 make it the duty of the Attorney General of NC to represent the State of North Carolina in all litigation unless another statute specifically states otherwise.