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2009 CWAG Annual Conference Awards

The Conference of Western Attorneys General (CWAG) has the privilege of honoring a number of public servants at its Annual Meeting. Two awards were presented during its meeting Aug. 2-5 in Sun Valley, Idaho. They were:

Jim Jones Award

Recipient: Jan Zavislan, Colorado Deputy Attorney General

This award has been in existence since 1990 when the staff of the Idaho Attorney General's Office created the award to recognize the contributions of a lawyer on the staff of a CWAG Attorney General. The award honors the leadership and contributions of former Idaho Attorney General and current Idaho Supreme Court Justice Jim Jones.

The Criteria for the award include a demonstrated commitment to public service; a demonstrated ability to advance multi-state and CWAG goals; a sustained commitment of time, talent and energy to achieve identifiable results of significance to CWAG, and achievement of significant results on issues affecting member states

Nelson Kempsky for Management and Leaders

Recipient: Sherman F. Furey II, Idaho Chief Deputy Attorney General

In 2002 CWAG Attorneys General created and the Pfizer Corporation endowed an award in honor of the contributions made by Nelson Kempsky, former CWAG Executive Director and former California Chief Deputy Attorney General, for his mentoring of countless leaders and managers in Attorney General Offices in sound leadership and management principles and practices. Nominees for this award are management-level, attorney or non-attorney, who have made substantial contributions to that person's office of Attorney General OffiCes in general. Particular emphasis is given to outstanding leadership, to the development of management concepts and practices which have visibly benefited that office, and to new ideas which are of benefit to all Attorney General Offices.

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