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Presidential Series Agenda



Wednesday, July 29

2:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m. ET

Webinar | Politics and the Attorney General: How to Navigate as Leaders Across America's Divisions

Open to the Public

Public officials and office holders are often confronted with challenges and crises requiring exemplary responses - sometimes described as the “exercise of statesmanship” - that bring results and outcomes that transcend politics and that have lasting beneficial consequences on public policy, public order, and the public good. It is generally understood that partisan politics and intractable political positions can preclude the effective exercise of this key attribute. This panel will explore the commonly understood definition of this trait for transcending politics and managing public affairs, historical examples, and practical applications as they relate to the unique duties and responsibilities of the attorney general.  


  • Tim Fox, NAAG President and Montana Attorney General  


  • Ellen F. Rosenblum, Oregon Attorney General 
  • Mickey Edwards, Vice-President and Program Director, Rodel Fellowships in Public Leadership; Former U.S. Representative, R-Oklahoma (1977-1993) 
  • Terry NewellPresident, Leadership for a Responsible Society

Wednesday, August 12

2:00 p.m. - 3:30 p.m. ET

Webinar | The Elephant and Donkey in the Room: Maintaining Professional and Collegial Relationships in a Partisan World

Open to attorneys general and attorney general staff only

Many commentators suggest that partisanship in and among the ranks of attorneys general has risen, particularly during the administrations of President Obama and President Trump. Some commentators also believe that the partisan activism of attorneys general threatens the bipartisan relationships that have proven so successful through the efforts of NAAG. Other commentators believe the system of checks and balances that arise from partisan attorney general activism has been helpful to advance such things as consumer protection, state’s rights, the rule of law, and federalism. This panel will explore the rise of political organizations that participate in attorney general elections and other political developments in the relationships between Republican and Democratic attorneys general. 


  • Anthony Johnstone, Professor of Law, University of Montana


  • Paul Nolette, Professor, Klingler College of Arts of Sciences, Marquette University
  • Maggie Lemos, Professor of Law, Duke Law School
  • James E. Tierney, Lecturer in Law, Harvard Law School; Former Maine Attorney General (1980-1990)

Fireside Chat with Former Attorneys General (30 minutes)


  • Anthony Johnstone, Professor of Law, University of Montana


  • Terry Goddard, Former Arizona Attorney General
  • Greg Zoeller, Former Indiana Attorney General

Tuesday, September 15 

3:00 p.m. - 4:30 p.m. ET

Webinar | Political Allies and Political Opponents in the Legislative and Executive Branches – How to Maintain the Integrity of the Office of the Attorney General While Getting the Peoples’ Work Done

Open to the public

Attorneys general are often presented with legislatures or an office of the governor controlled by the opposite political party, which may give rise to potential political confrontations. In some cases, the legislative or the executive branch, or both, are controlled by the same political party as the attorney general, thereby setting up an expectation that the attorney general will use his or her office to promote and protect the political positions of that party to the potential detriment of the rule of law. In either circumstance, the attorney general’s agency budget and statutory power are potentially subject to the control and political whims of a legislative or executive branch wielding the “power of the purse” or going to court to extract compliance from the attorney general. This panel will discuss how select attorneys general handled such challenges to the power and independence of the office. 


  • Doug Peterson, Nebraska Attorney General 


  • Tom Miller, Iowa Attorney General
  • Cynthia Coffman, Former Colorado Attorney General (2015 – 2019) 
  • Jim Hood, Former Mississippi Attorney General (2004 – 2020)  

Fireside Chat

  • Doug Peterson, Nebraska Attorney General
  • Pam Carter, Former Indiana Attorney General (1993-1997)

Tuesday, October 6

Noon - 1:30 p.m. ET

Virtual Event | Understanding and Respecting Political Differences: How Geography and Political Cultures Shape Our Perspectives

Open to the public

One of the challenging dynamics of promoting collaboration, bipartisanship, and friendship among attorneys general is the concept of political culture and how it affects actions, rhetoric, and beliefs. Understanding and respecting the prevailing political culture of an attorney general’s jurisdiction can help to promote collaboration or to at least avoid misunderstandings. This panel will explore the varying and diverse political cultures of our nation in order to promote an understanding and respect for why individual and collective attorneys general believe what they believe and why they take certain actions while in office.  


  • Sara RinfretProfessor & Chair, Department of Public Admin & Policy, University of Montana


  • Lawrence Wasden, Idaho Attorney General
  • Aaron D. Ford, Nevada Attorney General
  • Letitia A. James, New York Attorney General

Fireside Chat

  • Tim Fox, NAAG President and Montana Attorney General
  • Jeff Rosen, President and Director, National Constitution Center

Tuesday, November 10

2:00 p.m.

Webinar | Rising to the Leadership and Civility Challenge

Open to the public

December 1-3

Recommitting to the NAAG Mission

Open to the public

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