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2015 Southern Region Meeting: Point Clear

Anatomy of a Data Breach

For organizations that have critical information, such as customer data, intellectual property and trade secrets, the risk of a data breach is now higher than ever before. Complex IT environments make it harder for organizations to protect their data and respond to threats. This opening panel will take us inside a data breach and explore how data breaches happen. We will look at building a cybersecurity plan and testing it for readiness. The panel will then talk about what happens after a breach occurs – how forensics teams investigate what caused the breach and then the effect on the organization that was breached – exploring such issues as notification, dealing with the government and public relations.

A Crystal Ball on Cyber Security: New Risks and Developing Threats

In this panel, we ask our experts to look ahead at 2015 and beyond as to what they see are the biggest vulnerabilities in our current systems and where and how they think future attacks will arise. They will also discuss some current cybersecurity approaches and how an organization moves beyond a data attack.

Note: No additional materials for this panel.

Big Data and Privacy: Striking a Balance

It’s no surprise that the recent high-profile data breaches are fueling an environment of mistrust regarding how companies collect and use the personal information of their customers and employees. At the same time, organizations are looking to accelerate their monitoring, collection and analysis of data not only to gather business intelligence but also to improve risk management and data security practices. This panel will examine the tension between big data and privacy and explore whether we can strike an acceptable balance.

A Discussion on the National Data Breach Disclosure Law

47 states have enacted legislation requiring private or government entities to notify individuals of security breaches of personally identifiable information. Yet large scale data breaches are continually occurring, causing some advocates, including the FTC, to call for national data breach legislation. Businesses support a national law as well, citing the plethora of state regulations they must obey when a breach occurs. Yet others fear the resulting national legislation will be a watered-down and less effective enforcement mechanism. This sets forth the basis for our next panel discussion.

Note: No additional materials for this panel.

Cyber Security: Mobile Devices and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Policies

This panel will address cyber security as it applies to our mobile devices, as well as the implications of Bring Your Own Devices, or BYOD, policies that many of our offices have implemented. We will begin with a discussion of how the mobile phone industry focuses on security issues and what the industry sees as trends in cyber threats to mobile security. We will also talk about the BYOD policy culture and where that fits into the overall security plan. Next, we will take a look at where mobile security fits into the whole cybersecurity framework and the challenges mobile technology present. Finally, this panel will address the role of the Federal Trade Commission in security our mobile technology, concentrating on both their enforcement efforts as well as their non-enforcement efforts, such as the FTC workshops.

Government in the Cloud: Protecting Our Citizens' Data

This panel will look at the benefits and risks in storing government information on cloud platforms, what issues to look for in selecting a cloud environment and best practices in protecting cloud data.

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