National Association of Attorneys General

National Association of Attorneys General National Association of Attorneys General

What do NAAG staff members do?

The NAAG staff perform a variety of functions in support of the attorneys general. NAAG staff includes lawyers who provide technical assistance to the membership in the following areas: antitrust, bankruptcy, civil rights, consumer protection, cyberspace, energy and environment, Medicaid fraud, the U.S. Supreme Court/state constitutional law, and tobacco. NAAG also provides communications assistance to the public information officers for attorneys general, and state and federal legislative monitoring of bills/issues as directed by the membership. The NAAG staff serves as a valuable resource to augment the work of staff (which numbers approximately 11,000 nationwide) serving in the offices of the attorneys general. The NAAG staff manages information clearinghouses, collects and disseminates information on state/federal legal developments and serves as the focal point for the state contacts in that area. NAAG staff does not provide legal advice to the public, nor does the staff investigate individual legal complaints.

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Mike Hunter, Oklahoma Attorney General

Mike Hunter is the attorney general of Oklahoma.