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Child Specific Resources

The National Report on Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking: America's Prostituted Children

A 2009 publication by Shared Hope International focusing on domestic minor sex trafficking (the commercial sexual exploitation of American children within U.S. borders). The publication focuses on identifying the victims, prosecuting the traffickers, combating demand, and providing protection, access to services, and shelter for victims.

BCWR Handbook 2011

A 2011 handbook by Loyola University’s Center for the Human Rights of Children and the International Organization for Adolescents intended to build capacity of state and private child welfare agencies to respond to human trafficking cases involving children. This handbook was developed in partnership with the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services.

National Colloquium 2012 Final Report: An Inventory and Evaluation of the Current Shelter and Services Response to Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking

Fact Sheet for Educators on Recognizing Signs of Trafficking

Right now in Ohio, more than 2,000 school-age children are potentially at risk of being forced into human trafficking through exploited labor, domestic servitude or prostitution. Children, especially those not living with their parents, are especially vulnerable.

Human Trafficking of Children in the United States

A 2007 factsheet issued by the U.S. Department of Education Office of Safe and Drug-Free Schools discussing human trafficking. Also includes list of additional resources.

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Talauega Eleasalo V. Ale, American Samoa Attorney General

Talauega Eleasalo V. Ale (left) is the attorney general of American Samoa.