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Attorneys General Support "Data Privacy Day"

For Immediate Release:

Washington, DC---The National Association of Attorneys General (NAAG) is a supporter of “Data Privacy Day”, designated as Jan. 28, to increase awareness about data privacy and to educate consumers about ways to protect themselves from financial fraud or privacy offense. Attorneys General are using this day to remind residents in their states and jurisdictions about checking privacy settings on social websites and using secure networks.

“Guarding your personal information is every bit as important as protecting your wallet,” said NAAG President and North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper. “Technology allows us to do things faster than ever before, but don’t forget to take the time to keep your privacy and security settings updated.”

NAAG membership passed a resolution in December 2009 to officially support the day and its goals. It was sponsored by Attorney General Cooper and Washington Attorney General Rob McKenna. Attorneys General have a deep interest in consumer protection, including data protection and privacy law. Millions of Americans are affected by data privacy issues that include sensitive personal information such as medical records accessed by unauthorized parties, identity theft, web-based information brokers selling sensitive personal data, and teens’ private information retrieved on mobile devices and social networking sites.

NAAG supports the day’s goal of facilitating the role of consumer privacy and data protection in regulatory controls, technological innovation and consumer protection with key stakeholders; the development and promotion of privacy standards; and the promotion of collaboration, cooperation, and shared responsibility in the areas of individual data protection and commercial management of personal information.

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