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Attorneys General Support Truth Campaign's Mission to End Youth Smoking

Press Statement by Jim Hood, NAAG President and Mississippi Attorney General

“The National Association of Attorneys General is proud to support Legacy and its youth smoking prevention campaign, truth,, in an effort to end youth smoking in the United States. The newly launched “Finish It” campaign is rallying the public through social media and encouraging teens to become the generation that ends youth smoking.

“Attorneys general are taking up this mission as our own and helping draw attention to the program by encouraging parents, youth and organizations to join us in preventing a new generation from becoming addicted to nicotine. In the year 2000, 23 percent of teens smoked. Today, only 9 percent do. Now is the time to “Finish It.”

“This campaign will empower our youth and ensure the public is well-equipped to spread the truth about tobacco use. The truth campaign has successfully reduced youth smoking over the years and with our help, we hope this campaign will finally rid the nation of this ongoing public health epidemic.”

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Editor’s Note: State attorneys general have fought for years to protect people from the dangers of tobacco products. In 1998, the attorneys general of 46 states signed the landmark tobacco Master Settlement Agreement (MSA) with the four largest tobacco companies in the United States to recover billions of dollars in costs associated with smoking-related illnesses, and restrict cigarette advertising to prevent youth smoking.

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