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Center for Leadership Development

The National Attorneys General Training and Research Institute (NAGTRI) established its Center for Leadership Development in 2016. The Center supports supervisory staff in state and territorial attorneys general offices by providing a cohesive learning experience in areas of managerial leadership, with opportunities to acquire knowledge and skills needed to work through every day challenges. Instruction and resources are customized to meet the unique needs and characteristics of an attorney general's office. The Center's distinctive features include on-line and blended learning, traditional classroom instruction, and coaching resources. The Center also provides parallel assistance to offices on matters identified as part of a NAAG management review.

The overall goal of the curriculum is broader than teaching supervisors to manage. It concentrates on developing leadership behaviors, with an emphasis on practical application rather than theory. Programs are informative and participatory. Instruction integrates knowledge-based interactive presentations with relevant case studies that provide an opportunity for participants to practice applying learned principles and skills in order to transfer learning to workplace situations.


The NAGTRI Center for Leadership Development serves the state and territorial attorneys general by offering trainings programs and resources to assist leaders and managers in their efforts to maximize organizational and individual performance.


The Center provides a systematic learning experience for leadership development and institutionalizes a gold standard model curriculum that enhances the mission and work of the state and territorial attorneys general.


The curriculum is designed to offer the following leadership development opportunities:

Fundamentals of Managerial Leadership

Course addresses an overview of critical themes.

  • Core Leadership Competencies for Firstline and Mid-level Supervisors
  • Core Leadership Competencies for Senior/Executive leaders
  • Management Processes and Practices

Focused Skills-Based Competencies

Courses concentrate on particular leadership skills with practicums where participants apply learned skills.

  • Handling Conflict in the Workplace
  • Preparing and Delivering Performance Evaluations
  • Conducting "Necessary Conversations"

Specialized Leadership

Opportunities (Programs address specific topics or projects)

  • Performance Management Systems, Processes, and Practices
  • Webinars

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