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Blake Bee

Director, NAGTRI Center for Leadership Development
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Core Leadership Competencies

Tier One

Core Leadership Competencies for First Line & Mid-Level Managers

This course establishes the leadership development groundwork for new to mid-level supervisors, including attorneys, investigators, and administrative personnel. Drawing upon case studies, colleague experiences, short lectures, group discussions, and self-assessments, the program applies leadership principles and practices to real, everyday issues. Topics include: the role of the manager; alternative leadership styles; delegation; performance management; communication and necessary conversations; motivation; transition; and emotional intelligence. Participants will identify and address management issues in a collegial environment, which continues through action planning and post-course networking. 

This course is intended for new and inexperienced supervisors, as well as experienced managers who are looking to refine their leadership skills. A mobile one-or one-and-a-half-day version of this course is available.

Core Leadership Competencies for Senior Level Managers

This course integrates critical leadership principles and practices into the daily functions of senior and executive level managers in the offices of attorneys general. Depending upon the length of the particular course offering, topics include: alternative leadership styles; basic strategic planning practices; delegation; performance management processes; communication and necessary conversations; motivation; implementing change; and leading effective management teams. Instructors encourage participation through interactive presentations, collaborative discussions, and self assessments. 

This course is intended for both new and experienced senior level leaders, including attorneys, investigators, and administrative personnel.

Management Processes & Practices

This course allows supervisors in the offices of attorneys general to acquire the knowledge and skills needed to perform management functions, maximize work performance, and build a stronger workplace. Topics include: hiring and promotion practices; designing job duties and work plans; monitoring and supporting work; conducting project reviews; addressing performance and conduct problems; evaluating work performance in progress reviews and annual appraisals; and recognizing exemplary work. Instruction is highly interactive; participants will collaborate, discuss case studies, and form individual action plans.

Tier Two

Focused Skills-Based Competences

Tier Two courses offer participants the opportunity to concentrate on particular managerial leadership skills and practice applying those skills to situations that arise in the workplace.

Tier Three

Specialized Programs

Tier Three programs offer topic-specific webinars and projects for managers to work through with coaching, as well as individual leadership plans and instructional materials for post course use.

Instruction incorporates relevant principles of management and leadership with practical applications for an immediate transfer of learning to the workplace.

Delivery methods are multifaceted and blend traditional classroom instruction with unique distance learning opportunities.

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