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The National Attorneys General Training & Research Institute

The National Attorneys General Training & Research Institute The National Attorneys General Training & Research Institute

Core Leadership Competencies for First-Line and Mid-Line Managers for OAG-VA

Molly Flanagan

NAGTRI Program Specialist
(202) 326-6253 | mflanagan@naag.org

This course establishes the groundwork for leadership development for new to mid-level supervisors, to include attorneys, investigators, and administrative personnel. Drawing upon case studies from attorneys general offices, experiences of colleagues, short lectures, group discussions, and self-assessments, the program integrates leadership principles and practices with immediate application to real issues, enabling supervisors to develop knowledge, skills, and behaviors for dealing with every day managerial challenges in their offices.

Topics include: the role of the manager; alternative leadership styles; delegation; performance management; communication techniques; motivation; emotional intelligence; change; and “necessary conversations.” The program is designed to be informative and participatory, with opportunities to practice applying tools to address identified management issues. The course also offers a collegial environment for information sharing, collaboration, and skills building that continues through action planning and post-course networking. The course is intended for new and inexperienced supervisors, as well as those who have experience as managers and are looking to improve and refine their managerial leadership skills.

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