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National Association of Attorneys General National Association of Attorneys General

Volume 2, Number 6

Welcome to NAAG's 2008 Summer Meeting
Lawrence Wasden, NAAG President and Idaho Attorney General
Topics for discussion include technology and crimefighting, rising energy and fuel costs, law enforcement challenges to protecting children, cross-border issues, digital television transition and other emerging legal issues. We will also welcome delegations from Mexico, Canada and Taiwan to our proceedings to further broader understanding of culture and the law.
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NAGTRI Announces New Consumer Protection Fellowship Program
Dennis Cuevas, Project Director and Chief Counsel, Consumer Protection and Telemarketing Fraud
The National Attorney General Research and Training Institute (NAGTRI) of the National Association of Attorneys General received a grant from The Center for State Enforcement of Consumer Protection and Antitrust Laws, Inc. (State Center) to fund a Consumer Protection Fellowship Program for one year.
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Employee Spotlight
Gloria Post
Organization is a key part of Gloria Post’s job. As the executive assistant to the chief of staff and to the chief financial officer, she is accustomed to meeting multiple deadlines, juggling various staff requests, processing meeting registrations and poring over financial paperwork.
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An Ethical Dilemma: Is it Okay to Look for Metadata in Another Attorney?s Documents?
Hedda Litwin, Cybercrime Counsel
First of all, what is metadata, anyway? Metadata is electronically stored information about a document, usually invisible to the naked eye, that contains the attributes of the document, such as who created it, when was it created, how was it modified and by whom, as well as the date of last modification. Sounds innocent enough, right? That?s often the case, but sometimes metadata can be extremely helpful to an attorney on the opposite side.
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Receiverships ?? A Better Alternative to Bankruptcy for Government Regulators?
Karen Cordry, Bankruptcy Counsel
For some regulators, such as those that are watchdogs for the banking and insurance industries, it is relatively common to use receiverships to replace the management of problematic entities, whether those companies are suffering financial distress through no fault of their own, or have been engaged in a criminally fraudulent enterprise, or anything in between.
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Legislative Update
Blair Tinkle, Association General Counsel and Congressional Liaison
Several issues important to State Attorneys General are likely to see action on the Hill as Congress heats up in the summer months heading into the August break and a hotly contested presidential election looms in the fall.
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NAAG Hosts Interns
Brandi Green, Communications Assistant
Every year, NAAG hosts interns from across the country to provide meaningful opportunities for undergraduate and law students to gain valuable work experience, refine their skills and learn about the work of Attorneys General in various legal and policy areas.
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Mark Brnovich, Arizona Attorney General

Mark Brnovich was sworn into office as Arizona attorney general in January 2015.