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Employee Spotlight

Peter Levin, Project Director and Chief Counsel, Tobacco Project

Peter Levin knows his facts– tobacco facts that is. As the director and chief counsel of the Tobacco Project, he oversees six attorneys who work closely together to enforce the Master Settlement Agreement (“MSA”), coordinates efforts by the Settling States, and renders legal and technical advice to state Attorneys General and NAAG’s Tobacco Committee.

Peter is the former economic counsel for the Tobacco Project and was named

director and chief counsel in February 2007. Prior to joining NAAG in 2001, he spent 31 years in private practice specializing in complex and commercial litigation. Peter speaks fondly of his experiences in private practice but maintains a passion for his current position. “I liked that job, but I love this one,” Peter said.

He possesses an interest in tobacco-related issues. “Tobacco is an area that interested me. I knew people in the public health field and I had some familiarity with efforts to control tobacco,” Peter said.

The most rewarding aspect of Peter’s job is that he plays an integral role in enforcing a landmark agreement that has contributed to a reduction in smoking—especially among youth. The most challenging aspect of his post is helping the 46 Settling States reach a common goal when issues arise.

When he is not busy sorting out the details of the MSA, Peter enjoys playing tennis and reading books by his favorite authors, which include David McCutchen and Phillip Roth. This New York native is an avid baseball and hockey fan. He also enjoys spending time with his wife, a sculptor at the Torpedo Factory Art Gallery and his two sons, a rising attorney and writer for musical theatre.

Peter holds a bachelor of arts degree from Brown University and a J.D. from the University of Chicago Law School.

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