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Volume 2, Number 8

The New Frontier in the Fight Against Online Economic Scams and Internet Threats to Children: Virtual Worlds and Second Life
John S. Grant, IV, NAAG Cybercrime Intern
Most Internet users are familiar with the social networking sites Facebook and MySpace. These sites are a favorite Internet destination for many teens and young adults, many of whom post much of their lives on these sites for a wide audience to view. However, another type of Internet forum has been gaining ground on the popularity of these social networking sites. These fora are known as “virtual worlds,” one of the most popular of which is Second Life.
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Employee Spotlight
Mary Winzenburg, Executive Assistant to the Deputy Director and NAGTRI Program Coordinator
Mary Winzenburg left suburban Iowa to pursue her big dreams in the nation’s capital. Initially, the Johnston, Iowa native entered college with hopes of majoring in communications, but her path quickly changed when she took her first political science class.
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Recent Powers and Duties Cases
Emily Myers, Antitrust and Special Projects Counsel
This is the second in an occasional series of articles about cases affecting the powers and duties of state Attorneys General.
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Evolution Of Criminal Environmental Enforcement
Edward Bonanno, Supervising Deputy Attorney General, New Jersey Division of Criminal Justice
Since the states and federal government first began prosecuting environmental crimes more than 25 years ago, the nature of the cases they have investigated and prosecuted has changed dramatically. In the early years of criminal enforcement, prosecutors used then recently enacted criminal statutes to deal with blatant criminal conduct, such as midnight dumping of toxic waste drums. Over the past 25 years, the states and Congress have enacted tougher, more comprehensive environmental crimes statutes and devoted greater resources to fighting environmental crime.
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Perception Versus Reality: The Facts Regarding Prosecutions and Disciplining of Doctors For Abuses Involving Controlled Substances
Judy McKee, End of Life Health Care Project Coordinator and Counsel
In the July-August 2008 issue of the NAAGazette, the article, ?Finding the Proper Balance,? introduced readers to the Balanced Pain Project Initiative (BPPI) in which NAAG has partnered with the Center for Practical Bioethics and the Federation of State Medical Boards. The partnership was formed to answer questions involving the extent and types of criminal prosecutions of doctors for violating state and/or federal controlled substances laws and to examine the extent and types of violations handled by state medical boards.
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NAAG is pleased to announce the addition of several new staffers in Finance, Tobacco, Criminal Law and Legislation.
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