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Employee Spotlight

Andrew Giessel, Consumer Protection Project Assistant

Andrew Giessel makes traveling and preparing for meetings look effortless. As NAAG?s Consumer Protection project assistant, he juggles various tasks such as planning for Consumer Protection seminars and National Association of State Charity Officials (NASCO) meetings, providing logistical support for NAGTRI trainings, handling CLE applications and contributing to the project?s bi-weekly newsletter.

This Richmond, Virginia native joined NAAG in February 2008 after teaching English at La Universidad de Piura in Piura, Peru for six months. He quickly fell into the groove of assisting the chief counsel and manager in accomplishing the goals of the project, which include improving the enforcement of state and federal consumer protection laws by State Attorneys General, as well as supporting multistate consumer protection enforcement efforts.

Andrew?s work in consumer protection issues has also influenced his habits and allowed him to be more knowledgeable as a consumer. ?I exercise skepticism and caution. When compiling the Consumer Protection Report, I read press releases of people who are scammed because they didn?t read the small print.? He hopes to continue to learn and cultivate these and other skills while at NAAG.

Andrew is a graduate of the University of Virginia, in Charlottesville, Virginia and holds a bachelor of arts in Spanish literature. When not cheering on the Virginia Cavaliers from his alma mater, this avid basketball fan especially enjoys rooting for his favorite professional basketball team, the San Antonio Spurs. He also attends wine tastings in his spare time and hopes to begin hosting his own tastings. In the future, Andrew would like to pursue volunteer work that would allow him to make use of his Spanish speaking skills.

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