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NAAG's Community Outreach in DC

Ellen Taverna NAAG, Keziah Kelsey, art teacher, Maurice Kennard, principal, Francis-Stevens Elementary

In the spirit of giving back to the community in which it works, NAAG donated school supplies to the Francis-Stevens Education Campus as part of a new community outreach program. Francis-Stevens is a local elementary school located on 24th and N Street, only a few blocks away from the NAAG office. The supplies included art utensils such as paint rollers, sculpting clay, and markers as well as clothing, writing materials, handy wipes, and bookends.

Principal Maurice Kennard said, “Giving everyday items, such as Clorox wipes and bookends frees up money in the school’s budget for extra activities and materials.” NAAG Executive Director Jim McPherson helped deliver the items along with NAAG’s Charities Committee Co-Chairs Ellen Taverna and Erjona Fatusha, and NAAG’s Andrew Giessel and William Malloy.

Keziah Kelsey, the school’s art teacher said, “The donated supplies have made a tremendous difference in our classroom. My students can create without restrictions or limits. Their creativity is unbound.” In addition to the supplies, NAAG donated over $500 to the school for use by the students.

NAAG staff raised the funds after holding an office-wide raffle of a donated TV. NAAG’s Judy McKee and its finance department helped organize the raffle and collect donations. The raffle was conducted with the intention of giving the winnings to a local elementary school. NAAG is looking forward to partnering with Francis-Stevens in spring 2009 for Law Day programs, test monitoring, and tutoring projects with seventh and eighth grade students.

This year, NAAG’s Charities Committee will also coordinate NAAG’s participation in Virginia Attorney General Bob McDonnell’s 3rd “Legal Food Frenzy.” The Frenzy is a philanthropic competition among Virginia’s legal community to donate food for local food banks. NAAG hopes to top the 745 pounds of food raised for last year’s event.

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