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NAAG's Community Outreach: Legal Food Frenzy

It is no secret that there are many people living with or on the brink of hunger. Due to the economic downturn, food banks throughout the Washington, DC area are currently experiencing a historic rise in the demand for assistance. As a result, NAAG once again participated in Virginia Attorney General Bill Mim?s ?Legal Food Frenzy?. This was the 3rd annual food-and-funds drive organized by the Virginia Attorney General?s Office, the Virginia Bar Association and the Federation of Virginia Food Banks. This two-week philanthropic contest ran from March 30 to April 10 and was open to all members of the Virginia legal community to encourage giving to local food banks during a traditionally slow period for donations. Last year the competition supplied enough groceries for 1,067,501 meals by raising 1,366,401 pounds of food. At press time, it looked as though this year?s race would set another record.

NAAG?s Charities Committee coordinated events for the NAAG staff to encourage donations while promoting a positive and fun atmosphere. Thanks go to Committee members Ellen Taverna, Erjona Fatusha, Veronica Ricca and Judy McKee. They organized a potluck NAAG luncheon kindly requesting a monetary or food donation for admission. Several NAAG volunteers contributed to the occasion by bringing in delicious dishes from crock-pot cuisines like marinated meatballs to BBQ pork sliders and homemade hummus (in your choice of mild or spicy). NAAG staff came with big appetites along with equally-sized hearts. With just one lunch, $200 was raised, which is equivalent to 800 pounds of food according to contest specifications. This event alone assisted in exceeding last year?s total of 745 pounds. At first, NAAG was hopeful that its efforts this year would double last year?s food drive total and when the donations were tallied, NAAG received over 1,500 pounds of food topping their initial goal!

Everywhere people turn, they are easily reminded about today?s economic crisis and the financial hardships of Americans. Despite these difficult times, NAAG staff demonstrated a tremendous amount of generosity. The association hopes to continue this spirit of charity in future volunteer projects with a local elementary school.

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