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Volume 3, Number 4

Congress Passes Credit Card Reform Legislation
Dennis Cuevas, Project Director and Chief Counsel, Consumer Protection
The Center for Responsible Lending estimates that at least 10 million cardholders have seen their interest rates increase significantly in the past several months through no fault of their own. In response, Congress turned the public outcry into public policy by passing historic credit card reform legislation. The legislation, signed into law by President Obama on May 22, gives lenders nine months to implement reforms to their current practices.
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Employee Spotlight: Bill Malloy
Project Assistant, Legislation and Criminal Law
Bill Malloy joined NAAG in August 2008 and quickly grasped the duties in his role as the project assistant for both the Legislation and Criminal Law projects. In this capacity, Bill represents the Association on Capitol Hill, gains valuable legislative experience, works on key law enforcement issues and circulates sign-on letters to Attorneys General. He handles the work for both projects with ease and learns a great deal in the process.
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Attorneys General Crack Down on Charities that Cheat
State Attorneys General joined the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), secretaries of state and other law enforcers May 20 to crackdown on fraudulent telemarketers claiming to help police, firefighters, and veterans in a law enforcement sweep dubbed "Operation False Charity."
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NAAG Tobacco Project: 11 Years of MSA Coordination
Patricia Molteni, Tobacco Project Staff Attorney
What has 52 Attorneys General as clients devoted to regulating the tobacco industry, is involved in dozens of lawsuits against tobacco companies, monitors multi-billion dollar settlement payments and has a staff that uses terms like “PM”, “SPM”, and “NPM”? The answer is the NAAG Tobacco Project.
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Protecting the Protected: Overseeing Adult Guardianship
Judy McKee, End of Life Healthcare Counsel, Sean M. Douglass[1]
According to the most recent statistics, by 2030, there will be 71.5 million people living in the United States who are 65 or over. With this graying of our population, the number of seniors with cognitive disabilities will also increase with a concomitant increase for the need for guardians. Guardianship for older adults, while designed to be protective, too often has resulted in harm rather than help for this vulnerable segment of our society.
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New NDAA Executive Director Named
Scott Burns has been named executive director of the National District Attorneys Association (NDAA), a 7,000-member organization of elected and appointed state and local prosecutors.
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NAAG Counsel: Speaking Engagements and Appointments
NAAG counsel is often invited by the legal community and other organizations to speak on areas of expertise or to serve on a committee. The following are some recent speaking engagements and committee appointments.
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NAAG Hosts Communications Intern
Eric Thibault is working as NAAG?s communications intern this summer assisting the communications team with various projects. He attends George Washington University (GW), where he is a junior majoring in political communication.
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Don’t Miss the NAAG Summer Meeting
There is still time to join NAAG for its Summer Meeting, June 16-18 in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Thirty Attorneys General are attending to discuss the latest state legal issues, including Mexico-U.S. border action, DNA databases and the Communications Decency Act.
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Josh Shapiro was elected attorney general of Pennsylvania in November 2016.