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Employee Spotlight

As the NAAG Supreme Court counsel, Dan performs a myriad of duties to assist state appellate litigators who appear before the U.S. Supreme Court. He oversees the moot court program, edits 45-50 state briefs filed in the Supreme Court each year, and edits the Supreme Court Report, which summarizes opinions and cases granted review. He also organizes three annual conferences: the Supreme Court Advocacy Seminar, the Appellate Practice Conference, and State Solicitors General and Appellate Chiefs Conference.

One of the things Dan enjoys most about overseeing the Supreme Court Project is dealing with a wide array of legal issues from habeas corpus to the First Amendment to preemption to qualified immunity. He has honed his expertise on Supreme Court matters throughout the past 13 years at NAAG. And even though many would characterize him as an expert on these issues, he still continues to be challenged by new cases.

“Every case presents a new and difficult constitutional or statutory construction issue, and requires figuring out the best strategy for prevailing in the Court,” he said. Prior to joining NAAG, Dan was a litigation associate for six years in a DC law firm.

In his spare time, this New York City native enjoys playing tennis, softball and spending time with his daughter. Dan holds a bachelor’s in political science and economics from University of Pennsylvania and a J.D. from Harvard Law School.

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Mark Brnovich, Arizona Attorney General

Mark Brnovich was sworn into office as Arizona attorney general in January 2015.