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Volume 3, Number 7

Binding Mandatory Arbitration Scrutinized
Dennis Cuevas, Project Director and Chief Counsel, Consumer Protection
In 1925, Congress passed the Federal Arbitration Act, which allowed merchants of equal bargaining power to agree to arbitration after a dispute arose and mutually choose an arbitrator to resolve the dispute. For many companies, arbitration was conceived as an informal, expedited process for resolving routine disputes, without having to turn to the courts for resolution. Soon thereafter, arbitration expanded to a wide range of contractual issues.
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Employee Spotlight
Mark Anderson
When Mark Anderson joined the NAAG staff as director of information technology in 2005, he felt as though he had that opportunity to make a difference. He uses his myriad of tech savvy skills to ensure that all communications are running smoothly and to maintain the entire computer system infrastructure.
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Recent Decisions Affecting the Powers and Duties of State Attorneys General
Emily Myers, Antitrust and Special Projects Counsel
This is another in our series reporting on recent decisions from across the country affecting the powers and duties of state Attorneys General.
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CWAG 2009 Annual Conference
The Conference of Western Attorneys General (CWAG) convened its Annual Conference in Sun Valley, Idaho on Aug. 2 - 5. It was preceded by the two-day Alliance Partnership Conference which brought 25 Attorneys General from Mexico, led by Eduardo Median Mora Icaza, the Mexico Attorney General. They met with the CWAG Attorneys General and discussed issues focusing upon drug and gun smuggling, money laundering, and human trafficking across the U.S. � Mexican border.
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AG Spotlight

Josh Shapiro, Pennsylvania Attorney General

Josh Shapiro was elected attorney general of Pennsylvania in November 2016.