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Law Clerk Joins NAAG

NAAG is pleased to welcome recent Harvard Law School graduate Sarah Bertozzi to our staff. Over the next year, Sarah will serve the Association as an advanced law clerk and as visiting counsel upon admission to the New York bar. She will be responsible for researching and drafting briefs for the Constitutional & Appellate Issues Division, as well as conducting legal research for the Energy & Environment Project.

“The work so far has been both challenging and interesting, and this is a great environment in which to do it,” Sarah said.

Sarah spent several summers working in the legal field before joining NAAG. She first put her skills to use in the legal counsel office of the up-scale fashion company, Chanel, Inc. Sarah also worked at Cravath, Swaine & Moore LLP as a litigation and corporate summer associate and plans to return to the firm upon the completion of her time at NAAG.

Working for the Pennsylvania Governor’s Office during college and the city of New York during law school, Sarah has always been interested in law at the state and local level.

“States are increasingly engaged in affirmative litigation, going out and making sure that the laws, particularly environmental laws, are enforced,” she said. “I think this will be a great experience for me.”

Sarah received her bachelor’s degree from the University of Pennsylvania in 2006, where she graduated summa cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa, and received the President’s Award for Undergraduate Research. The award is only given to 10 undergraduates. She also received her J.D. from Harvard Law School this past June, where she served as executive editor of the Journal of Law and Gender.

This Belmont, Mass., native now resides in Arlington, Va., and has enjoyed exploring D.C. in her first few weeks here. Sarah also likes running, baking, visiting museums, and following the fashion industry.

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