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NAAG Supports Data Privacy Day

Consumers rely on information technologies for many aspects of their daily lives. While these tools are convenient, they can also pose a threat to users’ personal information being compromised, stolen, and shared. In an effort to promote the importance of privacy and the necessity of taking measures to protect personal information, state Attorneys General have joined together to formally recognize and promote National Data Privacy Day, held on Jan. 28.

In December, the National Association of Attorneys General adopted a resolution, co-sponsored by North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper and Washington Attorney General Rob McKenna, in support of National Data Privacy Day. This day is a collaborative effort on behalf of government officials, privacy professionals, community leaders, and educators to promote awareness about data privacy and protection issues.

Each year, millions of Americans are affected by data privacy issues that include sensitive personal information such as medical records accessed by unauthorized parties, identity theft, Web-based information brokers selling sensitive data and teens’ private information retrieved on social networking sites.

State Attorneys General remain committed to consumer protection issues, specifically protecting the personal information of their constituents and informing them of privacy laws. The NAAG resolution states, “That the National Association of Attorneys General supports National Data Privacy Day and its goal of facilitating the role of consumer privacy and data protection in regulatory controls, technological innovation and consumer protection with key stakeholders; the development and promotion of privacy standards; and the promotion of collaboration, cooperation and shared responsibility in the areas of individual data protection and commercial management of personal information.”

A copy of the resolution can be viewed here.

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