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Employee Spotlight

Ellie Simmons, NAGTRI

The newest member of the NAAG staff has made quite an impact in her first eight weeks on the job. Ellie Simmons, program assistant for the National Attorneys General Training and Research Institute (NAGTRI), has quickly become an important part of the team.

“Ellie is very meticulous and doesn’t let anything fall through the cracks,” says Bill Malloy, NAGTRI program coordinator.

Ellie takes pride in her organizational skills. Regularly after training sessions she compiles data on attendance and evaluations for internal use. This attention to detail makes it easier for NAAG to improve and expand its training capabilities. “I help make sure conferences are set up and run as smoothly as possible and that we are reaching [AG] staffs effectively.”

Created in 2007, NAGTRI has become a popular training program offered to Attorneys General staff on various legal issues. Last fiscal year, NAGTRI trained over 1,800 assistant attorneys general.

Ellie enjoys her work, and has quickly learned how to become an asset to the NAGRTI effort. “I find my work very rewarding. It is great to see a meeting in action, and see all the hard work pay off.”

A recent graduate of Washington and Lee University, Ellie is a native of Jacksonville, Fla. During her undergraduate studies as a psychology major, she also received a minor in poverty studies, spending several hours a week performing community service. Ellie recently worked as a volunteer in a free health clinic, an experience she said is eye-opening and worthwhile.

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